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Healthy fruit’s world new findings – soursop or graviola 

graviola fruitHealthy fruit’s world blog has come up with idea of creating content that is useful for patients in particular and also for overall users. There is a sudden rise in soursop fruit juice and soursop leaves tea online business. We did a global survey on soursop sales and feedback report by actual users. We got some great results from graviola or shul ram fal users across INDIA. Though soursop tree also known as graviola tree is not found in INDIA and good thing is it has highest users in INDIA. Though the fact, that there is not much well proved fact on its usage, feedback is very encouraging for cancer patients. Many say the soursop facts are being suppressed by big pharmacy companies as it will very seriously affect their business.

Also this web portal wants users to post fruits that are of high medicinal value for any cure or control. We need genuine experience of the users. Today modern life style people get health conscious after 40 years. This will help human society without any business or commercials involved in it. We believe that there are stills plenty of natural ways to get benefited which are not being discovered. There would be both negative as well as positive feedback; we want both to be shared. This platform stands alone for being purely non-commercial.

We are also looking for sales associates who can give us authentic proof of healthy fruits that help in recovering from any disease. We will, with our sales network, upon confirmation, recommend for better sales. This way we can reach best positive healthy fruits for human kind. We had a communization for soursop tea that people find it pretty much effective when compared to soursop fruit juice. Cancer aggravation was proportionally more reduced.

Exact way to prepare soursop tea:

soursop teaAlthough there are lots of combination in STP, to prepare soursop tea, but this can be best and more universal. Boil water with soursop leaves till the entire content comes to ¾ th of its original volume. Do not take it to half  keep it near or little less to ¾ th volume. Then add half the desired taste of sugar only. It can be better still if you can just drink without sugar, adding sugar just to taste is acceptable. Do not keep it for latter drink, consume instantly. Prepare when wanted, not to store it. One more very essential advantage of it is they can be stored for a long period, whereas soursop fruit can’t be, it get rotten.

Soursop juice preparation done very simple:

graviola leavesSelecting the right fruit for soursop juice is most essential; if this is done correctly you will get best juice. You have to take ripened fruit not over ripened or under ripened. Then take out pulp very carefully, do not take outer rough skin with it or even seeds. As the fruit doesn’t taste sweet, you will have to add reasonably low sugar for best long lasting results. You have option to add 15 % milk (toned) or water. It tastes great, if not grind it to fine paste, leave it somewhat pulpy for best results. Do remember never take preserved graviola juice. Always prepare when wanted and get fresh fruits. Though many times you may not get right sales vendor, but that is something that can’t be compromised.

Does soursop help in building strong immune system?

The answer to this question on scientific evidence in particular to soursop is very difficult as no authorized body has, in any form, approved it for claimed results, if any. So answer to this question is depends on real user’s experience. Mainly modern life style being the reason for causing many chronic diseases, all fruits in general, including soursop, is beneficial for healthy body. We tried to contact soursop sales consultant and our person meet them personally for the same cause. They made us speak to users about soursop benefits, we were then able to believe it has no side effects and it has helped many to control cancer, build immune system and even reduces hair fall to a great extent.


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